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Compensation & Benefits

MSSS Entrepreneurial Services, an affiliate of MSSS, was created to provide specialized consulting support to our customers in the design and management of compensation and employee benefit programs. Our approach is to align Human Resources management practices with business strategy, creating a value added proposition to our customers by Outperforming People’s Assets Return.

MSSS Entrepreneurial Services recognizes that organizations require creative and innovative professionals with industry related competencies capable of becoming high performance producers. These types of professionals require remuneration and benefit programs structured to ensure adequacy when compared with business strategic goals and priorities. We offer the following services through a highly professional group willing to provide practical alternatives with emphasis in the most cost effective solutions:

  • Positions Descriptions and Classification
  • Compensation and Benefits Surveys
  • Market Analysis and Positioning
  • Design of Total Remuneration Programs
  • Development of Salary Structures
  • Development of Merit Guidelines
  • Performance Evaluation Tools
  • Retention Programs
  • Bonus and Commission
  • Executive Compensation
  • Design and Management of Health-Care Plans
  • Cost Containment Strategies
  • Implementation of 1165-e Retirement Plans
  • Vendor Selection and Negotiation
  • Audits and Legal Compliance
  • Cultural and Change Readiness Profile
  • Employee Satisfaction and Retention
  • Succession Plans
  • Benefits Communication Programs
  • Development of Recognition Programs

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