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About Us

About Us

MSSS provides value added Human Resources services and expertise to deliver effective HR solutions every time.

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Management Search and Supporting Services offers a multi-tiered portfolio to respond to our customers’ needs.

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Job Seekers

Job Seekers

As leaders in the recruiting industry, MSSS has revolutionized the way people manage their careers and companies hire talent.

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Our People

Our staff is a highly professional group willing to provide the full spectrum of Human Resources services that organizations need in order to achieve a leadership position.

Partners for Success

The Passion That We Feel For What We Do Makes Us Different…We Are Your Human Resources Specialists… We Are Your Partners For Success.

We find the right people

We place candidates that possess the exact blend of knowledge and commitment; this is why we maintain a 96% placement rate and a referral response cycle of three days.

Your needs come first

We are committed to selecting the candidates that perfectly match not only the position’s requirements but also the organization’s culture.

Organizational Development

MSSS designs comprehensive and custom-made training programs that respond to customers’ business strategies and organizational development objectives. 

Diversity Recruiting

Proven experience with Fortune 500 Companies, Multinational Corporations, Non-Profit Entities, Associations, Hospitality, Health Care, Governmental Agencies, Local Companies and Start-Ups. 

Our Services

Management Search & Supporting Services

Professional Staffing

Temporary / Contract Employment

Training & Organizational Development

HR Outsourcing & Consulting

Outplacement & Employee Support

Compensation & Benefits

Sales & Marketing

Business Leadership and Diversity

Management Events

MSSS has a dedicated team of professionals whose sole focus is Recruiting. In our core business unit of Management Search and Placement we make sure our selection of prospective candidates are the perfect match, not only to the position’s requirements but also to the organization’s culture. Our team tailors its approach to the specific needs of each of our customers. We place candidates that possess the appropriate blend of knowledge, skills, attitude, experience and commitment; this is why we maintain a 96% placement rate and a referral response cycle of three days.

Temporary / Contract Employment

MSSS maintains an ongoing recruitment campaign to attract the most qualified applicants.

Being a Human Resources Company our main objective is to deliver a unique service based on:

• Sense of Urgency
• Expertise in the Business
• Compliance with Labor Laws
• Customized Service
• Quality Improvement Programs

We have detailed and rigorous evaluations systems starting with an interview, reference checks, academic and experience credentials and tests on basic skills in Spanish, English, Mathematics and any other proficiency assessment.

We are committed to selecting the candidates that perfectly match not only the position’s requirements but also the organization’s culture.

Employee benefits other than those established by law can be provided upon customer request.

Training & Organizational Development

MSSS designs comprehensive and custom-made training programs that respond to customers’ business strategies and organizational development objectives. Our approach is to design programs that are both relevant to our customers’ strategies and fun for the participants. We recognize that training plays an important role in employee retention, production and motivation.

Some of the areas in which we can fulfill your needs are:

• Team Building
• Work/ Life Balance
• Diversity
• Generational Gap
• Train the Trainer
• The Transition from Individual Contributor to Leader
• Presentation Skills
• Customer Service
• Negotiating Skills
• Psychological Side of Supervision
• Corporate Image / Business Etiquette
• Labor Laws and Good HR Practices
• New Hire Orientation
• The Art of Leadership
• Change Management
• Emotional Intelligence
• Sales & Marketing Programs / Seminars

This service can be offered on-site or off-site according to the customer’s requirement.

HR Outsourcing & Consulting

Outsourcing allows companies the option of contracting for staffing and technical functions from external subject matter experts. Outsourcing frequently lowers the cost of their essential services while enhancing quality.

Why Outsource?

Outsourcing has become a common trend in American industry because it often makes strategic sense. Most people recognize that Outsourcing can reduce costs, but more importantly, MSSS, Inc. Outsourcing Services can dramatically improve your effectiveness in the market place. The reason many companies choose to outsource is not only to lower costs, but also to have the freedom to focus on core Customer service and delivery by delegating responsibilities while maintaining control. We develop and implement “tailor-made” solutions that fit customers’ objectives, budgets and timelines.

We offer outsourcing services in the following HR areas:

• Policies and Procedures
• Recruiting
• Benefits
• Compensation
• Employee Relations
• Communications
• Training and Organizational Development
• Payroll Services

Through experienced HR professionals we offer the following consulting services:

• Human Resources Audits
• Safety Audits
• Revision and/or Development of Employee Handbook, Policies and Procedures, Job Descriptions, Job Competencies, among others
• Coaching / Mentoring
• Management Development Programs
• Managerial Coaching

Outplacement & Employee Support

During a termination, reduction in force or a closing process individuals and organizations are subject to different types of stress and pressures. This process not only impacts individuals but often affects the culture and health of the organization.

Our Services will help meet individuals and organizational needs by:

• Providing psychological support, training and marketing tools to assist employees in their efforts to find a new job or initiate their lives as self-employed individuals

• Assisting customer’s management and employees to maintain a high quality of work life during the reduction in force process

• Supporting the HR functions to serve as facilitators, internal consultants and help agents
Individual and mass marketing of participants

Compensation & Benefits

MSSS Entrepreneurial Services, an affiliate of MSSS, was created to provide specialized consulting support to our customers in the design and management of compensation and employee benefit programs. Our approach is to align Human Resources management practices with business strategy, creating a value added proposition to our customers by Outperforming People’s Assets Return.

MSSS Entrepreneurial Services recognizes that organizations require creative and innovative professionals with industry related competencies capable of becoming high performance producers. These types of professionals require remuneration and benefit programs structured to ensure adequacy when compared with business strategic goals and priorities. We offer the following services through a highly professional group willing to provide practical alternatives with emphasis in the most cost effective solutions:

• Positions Descriptions and Classification
• Compensation and Benefits Surveys
• Market Analysis and Positioning
• Design of Total Remuneration Programs
• Development of Salary Structures
• Development of Merit Guidelines
• Performance Evaluation Tools
• Retention Programs
• Bonus and Commission
• Executive Compensation
• Design and Management of Health-Care Plans
• Cost Containment Strategies
• Implementation of 1165-e Retirement Plans
• Vendor Selection and Negotiation
• Audits and Legal Compliance
• Cultural and Change Readiness Profile
• Employee Satisfaction and Retention
• Succession Plans
• Benefits Communication Programs
• Development of Recognition Programs

Sales & Marketing

What If You Had Unlimited Sales Resources?

MSSS Sales and Marketing Group has a professional sales and marketing force for you. Our sales and marketing staff can represent your product exclusively, or on a shared basis along with other, non-competing products. With us it’s like having unlimited sales resources in-house, without headcount or the distraction of managing a sales and marketing force. Our Sales and Marketing outsourcing capabilities are a complete set of services that can help you take your business to new levels.

Our services encompass the following:

• Sales and Marketing Outsourcing and Planning
• Merchandising Services
• Sales and Medical Representatives
• Sales Force Transformation
• Marketing Events

Business Leadership and Diversity

A phenomenal surge in the growth of emerging markets, the extensive use of cross-functional, heterogeneous teams to produce creative solutions to business problems, an increased reliance on non-traditional workforce talent, and the realities of today’s workplace clearly demonstrate that diversity management has become a critical aspect of operating a business.

MSSS HR Senior Consultants will work with companies to provide them with the strategies, practices, policies, and programs across and within the business to embed diversity into their business plans.

Management Events

Management Events is a division of MSSS, which is dedicated to planning, organizing, coordinating and supervising corporate and/or social events.

Management Events works with an excellent team of collaborators, who are experts in the following areas:
• Coordination
• Decoration
• Catering Services
• Media Relations
• Music Promoters

Our Corporate Services
• Business Meetings
• Marketing Events
• Employee Recognition
• Brand and Image Events
• Press Conferences
• Gifts and Prizes

Our Social Services
• Galas
• Cocktails
• Weddings
• Anniversaries
• Birthdays
• Christmas/Holiday Parties

At Management Events we specialize in creating events with a touch of:
• Exquisiteness
• Class
• Good Taste
• Elegance
• Organization

Make your dinner or business meeting an unforgettable one. At Management Events, every detail is important. Trust our services. Remember that you only have one chance to impress.

Your Corporate and Social Event Planners

Event design, production & management

Make your next event memorable. 

The passion that we feel for what we do makes us different…

We’d love to know more about you and your business needs. Fill the contact form and let’s start a conversation.